Scientific Dissemination

Avericum participates in many different research projects. Specifically:


Recent study on the “Prevalence of the Fragility of patients undergoing HD applying IF-VIG and their complications”.

“Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in haemodialysis: description of a case and review of the literature”.

The following papers have been taken to European and National conferences: “The neutrophil-lymphocyte and plaque-lymphocyte indexes as biological markers of interest in the kidney disease” and “Usefulness of the new anthropometric parameters in patients undergoing haemodialysis”.

“Evaluation of the tunnelled catheter hole for haemodialysis by means of a thermal flir-one® camera”. This paper focuses on detecting local temperature changes in the pericatheter area as an indicator of an infection.

Participation in initiatives organised by the scientific community where various papers stand out:

Participation in the Multicentre Epidemiological Study on Malnutrition-Inflammation in patients with dialysis in Spain. EMID. 2019.

Participation in the Hyperphosphatemia Work Group from the Spanish Nephrology Society. 2019.


“Study of the prevalence of taking a daily painkiller and/or antidepressants for haemodialysis patients”. A multi-disciplinary group has been created (doctor-nurse-psychologist) to help patients find solutions to their problems and avoid abusing these substances.

“Descriptive study on therapeutic adherence in patients with chronic haemodialysis”. The aim of this study is to identify those patients with low adherence and provide them with behavioural tools to ensure they follow their treatment, showing them how important it is and the aim of each drug.