Patient's school

A referent at Avericum is its Patient School, available at all dialysis centres. This school provides specific and updated training to patients by means of workshops and informative courses that are given, not only on how to manage the development of the disease that to advice given by doctors and nurses, but also recommendations and suggestions on nutrition, psychology, sports, etc. On the other hand, it focuses on motivation with additional activities that help towards a patient’s well-being, such as the creation of the Avericum Library, where you can read books and other publications during your treatment sessions.

Room activities are also part of the School, as well as its window for families where there are talks aimed at solving doubts and, other times, sharing with their families.

If you are a health, sport or well-being professional, and you would like to participate in the Patient School by sharing your knowledge with people undergoing treatment at an Avericum dialysis centre, please feel free to contact us.