It is extremely important to understand that if you are undergoing CKD treatment, your nutritional needs will be different to those you had before starting, and your diet will progressively be changed to slowly adapt to it.

When you start haemodialysis, your nutritional needs are different and, therefore, some diet changes and eating habits are required.

You need to understand that your nutritional condition depends on what you eat and trying to keep up an adequate physical activity. Thus, changing your diet is not only recommendable, together with dialysis and the prescribed medication, it is vital in your treatment.

At Avericum, we provide support to help you through these changes more easily and adapt them to your day-to-day diet. Providing nutrition education, helping you to know what is in the food you eat, you can learn to choose a rich and varied diet that meets, insofar as possible, the nutritional requirements adapted to a kidney disease.

The aim of these changes for haemodialysis are:

  • Avoid the accumulation of waste in blood between sessions.

  • Gain as less weight as possible between dialysis, limiting the consumption of liquids.

  • Compensate the loss of proteins and other nutrients.

  • Keep a good nutritional condition.